At Studio Architects we believe that every home, every structure should enrich the human spirit.  Our mission is to create individual projects and individual homes that truly and beautifully reflect the individual client.  In guiding each project to fruition, we are committed to interpreting the client's vision, and fulfilling their personal dreams and goals.  With our foundation of passion, experience and integrity, we are dedicated to offering boutique service and architectural excellence.



Though the experience of building a home or business is as individual as every client, we have developed an efficient and enjoyable process that ensures the best outcome for any project.  We start with the compilation of data by actively listening to you, and understanding your expectations for the project.  Together, we develop a loose description of the program. How will the structure look and feel? Where will it be set?  What is the timeframe? The Budget?


Once we have a thorough understanding of what you want (and what to avoid), we begin to create spaces.  How many rooms will there be?  What is the square footage? How will the floor plan look? Regardless of how involved you want to be, this process is entirely driven by your individual needs and desires for the project.


The phases you will go through in creating your dream home are not unique.  But your experience at Studio Architects will be.  As a full-service, boutique firm, our associates have a unified desire to create something that is individual and distinctive for each client.  Using a collaborative approach that is client driven, we are committed to meeting your needs and fulfilling your vision through active listening, honest communication, exceptional design, and a steadfast work ethic.


The next step in the process is the schematic design phase.  The Studio Architects team will work collaboratively to envision your project, eventually translating it into sketches and plans.  Your input continues to drive the project and the associates’ skills serve to broaden your vision.


The final step before we break ground is the technical design phase, during which we develop a thorough set of construction documents.  By making even small decisions early on – and on paper – errors and questions during construction can be lessened, and the interpretation of the builder is narrowed to avoid surprises.  This phase is critical in, among other things, controlling costs of construction.


Architectural Interior Design

Remembering that form follows function, architectural interior design enables clients to create a highly personalized style that extends down to the smallest details, from light fixtures and hardware to built – in furnishings and window treatments.

Architectural Landscaping

Setting is a critical part of determining factor in any design.  Architectural landscaping = the shaping and crafting of the surrounding land – allows for the structure and its setting to relate even more intimately, and more beautifully.

Commercial Architecture

Armed with the broad experience and technical expertise that commercial architecture requires, our range of services spans form complete design and construction to appropriate remodels, additions and renovations.  Our portfolio includes an array of offices, healthcare facilities, restaurants, banks, and retail centers, among others.

Construction Administration

Through construction administration, we stay involved in the creation of your home or business by being on-site to answer questions, and working directly with the contractor to ensure the projects is built according to the program, the budget, and the time schedule.  Using the website, absentee clients can track progress via posted weekly construction photos.

Master Planning

Master planning requires looking at a piece of land with macro-vision, then micro-vision, and back again.  Understanding the way site and structure can mutually enhance one another is the fundamental key on projects that range from subdivisions to ski resorts.

Ranch Architecture

A first-hand knowledge of the way a working ranch should function and flow inspires every ranch project, from private homes and guest lodges to horse barns and riding facilities.  In order to best take advantage of the often, breathtaking settings, ranch architecture frequently involves the design of extraordinary outdoor living spaces.

Residential Architecture

From year round homes to mountain-top getaways, residential architecture involves every step - from site analysis and schematic design, to construction management and architectural interior design - in the complete creation of distinctive homes.  As a full-service, boutique firm, we are committed to providing the highest standards for every service necessary.

Resort Architecture

Whether a dramatic lakeside lodge or a ski – in - ski – out condominium complex, resort architecture is the design of idyllic spaces to meet highly specialized purposes and programs.

Site Analysis

From studying flood levels and snow loads, to seismic activity, site analysis is the science of determining the way a structure should be soundly set.  But site analysis is simultaneously an art form, setting the structure to maximize its own beauty and that of its surrounding environment.

Site Feasibility Studies

Before a structure is drawn on paper, a feasibility study can establish parameters for the project including site, orientation, square footage and even a rough budget.


Van K Bryan


Raised on a ranch outside of Choteau, Montana. Bryan was born in New Orleans, the son of a Baptist minister-turned cattle rancher. Growing up on the ranch instilled in Bryan a deep respect for hard work, and intimate understanding of the importance of place, and a profound love of Montana, all of which shape the man and inspire his designs.  A dedicated family man and a respected community leader.  Bryan has managed to blend his southern graces with his western sensibilities.

With a career that spans more than 15 years and an impressive personal portfolio, Bryan founded Studio Architects form a desire to create a boutique firm that offers architectural excellence, unmatched customer service, and a collaborative design process showcasing the talents of an entire team.

Leah M. Shute


Practicing architecture for nearly ten years. Leah Shute has tackled a wider range of projects than many architects undertaken in a lifetime.  From schools, hospitals and offices, to homes and resorts, she has designed many highly regarded buildings across the Rocky Mountain West. More than just remarkable talent, the diversity of her projects reflects Shute's lifelong passion for design.

Erika Konitz


Erika Konitz is an Architect in Training with both a B.A. in Environmental Design and a Masters of Architecture. A Washington native, Konitz fell in love with Montana as a 7-year-old and couldn’t wait to make Bozeman her home. In architecture, Konitz aspires to push the limits of design toward the future. In her personal life, she is an avid motocross rider and mountain biker who, with her husband, also takes pleasure in painting vehicles and auto body design.


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